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Being A Great Nanny

Do you see yourself as a great nanny? Do you aspire to be better? Here is an article taken from Nanny Jobs (NannyJobs.org) that may help you:


Being a great nanny is a combination of many things. Here are the top ten things great nannies tend to have in common. Do you see traits of yourself on this list?

  • Great nannies genuinely love spending their days with kids. There’s a difference between enjoying kids in a casual way and enjoying being with them for 10 to 12 hours each day, 5 days a week. To be a great nanny, you truly have to love working with kids and feel excitement and passion for your job each and every day. That doesn’t mean great nannies don’t have their off days. Or even weeks. But at their core, their love of working with kids always gets them through.
  • Great nannies still have a sense of curiosity and wonder. Kids are magical. To be able to see the world through their eyes and connect with them around the things that are important to them, great nannies have to have a real sense of curiosity and wonder. Most people lose those things as they get older. Great nannies find a way to hold onto those elements and bring them to life in their jobs.
  • Great nannies can find the humor in tough situations. Nannies are faced with lots of tough situations. Some caregivers let the tough times wear them down. Great nannies find the humor in whatever’s happening and use that to move through the difficult situations.
  • Great nannies are willing to get messy. Working as a nanny is anything but a clean and neat job. In any given day a nanny can find herself covered in baby spit up, pureed peas, finger paints or mud.  Great nannies aren’t phased by any of this. They’re prepared to spot shampoo their hair, scrub things off their clothes and dig things out from under their fingernails. They know that getting dirty is part of the fun of getting to play and explore all day.
  • Great nannies know how to say “no.” Nannies don’t have a supervisor or principal to be the middle man between them and their employers, so they have to advocate for themselves on the job. That means knowing when to say yes and, more importantly, when to say no. Maintaining a healthy life/work balance is one of the biggest challenges of working as a nanny. Great nannies have mastered saying no to excessive hours, out of bounds tasks and other things that hurt the employment relationship.
  • Great nannies have a positive and respectful discipline philosophy. Great nannies know how to get the best behavior from kids. They have a natural positive and respectful approach, and kids happily respond to this. That’s not to say that great nannies don’t face discipline challenges on the job. They definitely do. However, they have a full bag of tried and true tricks that they can use in a wide variety of situations.
  • Great nannies are self-directed. Working as a nanny means planning a well-rounded day for your charge, discovering great community resources and getting a variety of tasks done in a timely way, all without a lot of direction. Great nannies take the initiative and effortlessly keep lots of balls in the air while also providing great care. But they’re also great team players. They work well with Mom and Dad and the other professionals in the home.
  • Great nannies are passionate about raising the next generation. Great nannies view their job as a calling, not simply a way to earn a paycheck. They’re excited about all the teachable moments presented to them each day. They see the big picture, knowing that the work they do every day is shaping their charges’ in very important ways.
  • Great nannies are a Jill of All Trades. Great nannies do a lot more than just providing high quality childcare. They take on the roles of teacher, art director, cook, sleep trainer, tutor and more. They love the diversity the job offers, and wearing different hats keeps them challenged. This also means great nannies are always learning new skills and honing their current ones. This keeps them ready to tackle whatever comes up.
  • Great nannies enjoy working in a private home. There are lots of great caregivers out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re all great nannies. Being a great nanny means being comfortable working by yourself and enjoying working in a private home rather than a center or school. Great nannies take a lot of pride in creating a warm caregiving environment in the home for the kids they care for.

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