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Dealing With Seasonal Allergies

It is the time of year where season changes  can cause flare ups in allergies and asthma. Adults and children can be very susceptible to seasonal allergies during this time due to all of that pollen floating around. If you child always seems to get sick around this time and during the fall, then seasonal allergies may be the cause of the problem. Watch their pattern of symptoms such as worse symptoms in the morning that improve during the day. Symptoms could include things such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, and sniffling.

House dust, animal exposures, pollens, molds, and indoor pollutants can be irritants and trigger allergies and asthma. Dusting and sweeping often can cut down on the severity of symptoms. Changing clothes after a trip outside could also help. If your child is doing an extreme activity, it could induce symptoms.

You should encourage and enforce your child to wash their hands thoroughly often.  Also, a trip to the doctor’s office may really help  to distinguish between a cold and allergies and also to see if your child may need prescribed medicine to relieve their symptoms.

Please check out these websites for more information about how you can help your child with their seasonal allergies.

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Keri Glassman’s 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts for Kids & Food!

Getting your kids to eat right can be a challenge for many moms!

Nutritionist and author, Keri Glassman, shares her tips on things you should and should never do when it comes to kids and food.

5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts for Kids and Food
From Nutriti­onist Keri Glassman

  • Do EAT TOGETHER! At least 3 meals together as a family. Doesn’t have to be dinner! Can be breakfast, brunch, lunch, etc. This is YOUR time to be a role model.­­
  • Do SHOP…TOGETHER! Take kids to farmers markets/grocery store and let them pick 1 food to incorporate into a meal that week.­
  • Do “WASTE” FOOD! Kids need to have healthy food available to TRY healthy food. EVEN if they don’t end up eating these foods until years later. Put out multiple veggies at dinner, crudite at snack time. And, you really­ don’t have to waste. Re-use those same foods in YOUR meals if the kids don’t eat them. Kids need to SEE th­ese foods to ever eventually eat them.
  • Do STOP TALKING, JUST EAT! Stop telling your kids what to eat. EAT those foods yourself and again have them available for your kids.
  • Do SERVE A LA YOUR FAVE FRENCH RESTAURANT. NO family style! Portion meals on plates in kitchen. Keep extra veggies on table but NOTHING else.
  • Don’t SAY DIET! This is a sure way to send your child straight to therapy with a big wack to their confidence.
  • Don’t REWARD with food. This is tough and I can’t say I have never done it – Oh, I have been there.
  • Don’t CONTROL YOUR KIDS HUNGER CUES. Isn’t it hard enough to control our own? Let your kids “listen” to their bodies. Once we encourage “cleaning the plate” we are one step away from using the “D” word!
  • Don’t ISOLATE your “picky” or overweight child. THE ENTIRE FAMILY NEEDS TO BE ON BOARD.
  • Don’t DEPRIVE YOUR CHILD OF CAKE. No matter how overweight your child is, to deny a kid cake at a child’s birthday party is setting that child up for years of closet eating and emotional eating.

Watch this video clip from “The Talk” on CBS for more information!

Kids & Food Tips from Keri Glassman

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