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Get Kids Excited About Spring Cleaning!

Remember the times when school was ending, and maybe mom began packing away your winter clothes, donating things the family hadn’t touched in months, reaching under your bed or into the back of your closet to get rid of what she thought was junk? After your protests, the home was cleaner, smelled fresher, and was much more organized. Well, it’s that time of year again. How can we get children excited about taking their old clothes, toys, and games and perhaps donating them to charities, to survivors of the terrible storms throughout the country this year,  or just to other kids in the neighborhood who would love to have them? The article below offers really good tips from regular moms on getting kids to help with the spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning With Kids

by Smockity Frocks on March 7, 2011

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This week my fabulous team of experts and I are sharing our plans for spring.

Be sure to check out what each of my team has up her sleeve for spring and we will help you put your house in order!

What I have on my agenda for spring break next week is some spring cleaning and completing of projects that have been on my “to do” list for a while.

I have typed out each of the items I want to accomplish and I am offering any child 50 cents IF they can get a given chore done BEFORE I tackle it, IF it is done to my satisfaction.

Since my children are about as competitive as I am (VERY) and we make them pay for their own stuff, I suspect there will be much scrambling to beat Mama to the work, because if Mama gets the job done first, there won’t be any pay off and you might even be able to hear Mama doing fist pumps and loud-whispering, “YES! YES! YESSsssss!”

I have included difficult tasks, like repairing screens on windows, and easier ones like picking up sticks and twigs in the yard, so every child, from 3 to 15, will have the chance to participate if they would like to.  The printed chore list will be color coded to denote which tasks are reserved for which ages, and placed in a prominent place.

Then, I’ll blow a whistle and the scrambling will begin!

Not really on the whistle.

Really on the scrambling.

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